Enrollment and Donor Stewardship


  • Acquire
  • Engage
  • Cultivate

Services Included

When it comes to student recruitment, Ally 360 can help:
  • Optimize your search engine strategy to reach the ideal pool of candidates.
  • Generate and capture quality leads online.
  • Sustain and amplify interest, enticing your leads to take the next step: a campus visit and a chat with your admissions team.
  • Explain your admissions policies and shepherd candidates through the application process.
  • Acknowledge receipt of application, and manage expectations about when results will be communicated.
  • Congratulate and nurture qualified applicants to take the final step & enroll!
  • Steward new enrollees through a thorough orientation and other supports to improve likelihood of graduation.
  • Increase your conversion rate of interested leads into thriving enrolled students!

  • When it comes to alumni and donor development. Ally 360 can help you invigorate your brand story.
  • Expand your channel marketing.
  • Increase the personal relevance of your messaging.
  • Ignite the philanthropic passion of patrons
  • Recruit new donors
  • Renew and revitalize existing and lapsed supporters
  • Spark high response rates through intriguing calls to action
  • Optimize your lists, audience segmentation, and testing
  • Boost response and revenue!

“Ally 360 has optimized our list hygiene to a point where we almost never receive returned mail. ”

– Vicky Sanchez, Chicago Architecture Foundation